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(First Filipino Exhaustive Visual Guide to Understanding Bible Prophecies)
Larry Perez Tan Prophecy Library

This book is primarily dedicated to the only One who has been the object of my life’s verse in Philippians 1:21 and the strength of my life, Philippians 4:13, and the only One who’s got the spirit of prophecy, our Blessed Hope, coming King, JESUS CHRIST. And also to ENDTIMES UPDATES PUBLICATION staff who managed to equally dedicate their lives for the cause of propagating the gospel by telling people to prepare for the imminence of Christ’s return, dedicated to Jeffrey V. Ilagan, Linda Santos, Mario Villareal, Carina Perez-Ungson, Dandan Cruz, Peter Lim, and Frances Tan.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my original partners in this ministry, Sis.Beulah, Ptr. Jeffrey Ilagan, our first publication encoder who was only 13 yrs. old then, Bro. Mario Villareal, Bro. Marlon Ramat, Ate Carmir, Sis. Jemimah of Bacolod, and of course our very first circulation managers Carina Perez-Ungson and Olive Santos. I also thank the Lord for the support of my wife, Frances Tan for believing in my ideas , yes to all my constituents in Endtimes Ministry for their faith in our vision to perpetuate what I have been propagating since 1996 with my fellow comrades in CIIS. My thanks also go to my new publication staff like my best friend Sis. Olive Polintan-Zuniega, our new circulation manager, and our encoders, Raymart Hollon, Riza Saluta, Arian Fornasidoro, etc. and most esp. to my buddy and partner in the DVD productions of Endtimes Updates, Bro. Fred Ekid of Grace Baptist Church, Baguio City! For all their tremendous share in this great effort for the glory of God and for the love of prophecies that make us all, including readers, A BLESSED ONE!

When I got saved on June 19, 1975 in Bethany Baptist Church, Dian St., Makati City, I got hold of the late Dr. Rev. Loral D. Woosley’s booklet, “The Wind and the Whirlwind” which inspired me to a prophetic ministry later in my life. Then Tatay Antonio Ormeo’s books also led me to pursue a deeper understanding of prophetic pronouncements in God’s word. In my early stage as a prophetic student, the first thing that I attempted to do is draw a prophetic chart so I may see the timing of prophetic events and try to compare their relationship to each other. I did not know yet that there were so many books already written showing what I was doing then. I guess as early as when I was 17 years old I know the value of charts as a visual guide to help us see the many details of a lot of subjects in just a glance where we find virtually all the key themes of Bible prophecies in one chart form. Permit me to quote from an old, old proverb, “a picture paints a thousand words,” which for me is one reason why I am writing this book to help my countrymen access to a simpler presentation graphically of future events and the signs of the times in a very rich and fulfilling experience.
The book does not end in finishing the material neither on the part of the reader in reading through to the last page of my book. My ultimate prayer is that readers will appropriate prophetic teachings in their soul in a meaningful way, get saturated in God’s plan for the ages, and ultimately learn what significant part are we in that plan. And more importantly, become spiritually revived and prepare to meet our Blessed Hope and coming King, Jesus Christ!
I am confident that when a person is revived the first thing he will do is evangelize, from Jerusalem to the uttermost part of the world. Realizing the fact that our God is the God of Abraham, Moses, Job, David, Paul, etc. we know that He will continue to carry out His plan and the truths in the charts and Biblical teachings in here are truly guaranteed to take place. I believe that our generation is the terminal generation. Amen!
I wrote this book during my stay in Laguna Niguel, California USA and I noticed that in here, there were so many agnostics and atheists that I met, some of them were professing witches and Satanists. Why? I guess it depends on the kind of religious orientation they had in their early lives. I was with Pastor Rico and we went to Dana Point Harbor and one of the art associates there bragged about her new found new age concept of life and seeming sympathy for Satanists. I had laboratory co-workers who personally confessed they did not believe in God. I learned that some of them were Mormons, Catholics and Evangelicals. Do we have to put the blame to how their parents raised them in this free society and liberal religions? Is there something wrong with the kind of their faith orientation? Or religious extremism, dogmatism and legalism pushed them too far to the extent of quitting from their early concept of the reality of God.
So many people have a distorted view of God. I really don’t know whether their early confusion in life resulted from a legalistic background or it was just because of the presence of so many liberal skeptics in school or their workplace. If we only take personal responsibility of people who are still in the crossroads of believism and doubts, I guess just like what happened to one of my officemates, he is a Chinese national born in USA, he got so many questions and by the grace of God I was able to address them biblically. Now, he believed in the intelligent design and I gave him both OT and NT Bible. One of my closest friends in Specimen Processing, Alex was really intellectual and I enjoyed discussing things with him. He is pursuing his PhD in Psychology, and yet he chose not to believe in God. I did my part and I know it’s not God’s divine appointment with him yet. I have said enough to make him believe the God of universe and fulfilled prophecies. That’s enough leaving some more space where the Holy Spirit may speak to his heart the way Paul was met up by Christ in his Damascus experience, “You cannot kick against the prick.” I will address in this chart-book how so many religious scholars distort not only the concept of God that made people turn their back to disbelief, but more importantly expose how they invent a new kind of theology that puts magic to a new covenant and dispensational dogmatism. This is the reason a lot of people got confused on what to believe in? Satan is really active and we see II Thessalonians 2:___-___ became a reality in our age of great delusion and deceivableness. It is really hard based on my experience if the person we are dealing the Gospel with begin to embrace a belief system in their frame of reference that the God they envision either does not exist or he looks nothing like the God revealed in the bible. And the Bible is just written by sinful men with a lot of frustrating stories, conspiracies, killings and immoralities.
All eyes on Israel, the original flock. God’s time piece in the fulfillment of all prophecies. His own nation that will really prove the reality and power of God through the years despite the fact that many attempts were made to annihilate their race from the face of the earth. However, God was with His own nation. Powerful enough to make such a blood thirsty Oscar Schindler become a hero of the Jews for just saving a small remnant of Israel in World War II. Chapter __ is about the amazing salvation of God towards Israel, from the 18th century when Herziel became instrumental in liberating the Jewish people from the domination of the British Government to the time it was granted its Statehoon in 1946, the miracle of God when in a sand storm Israel triumphed over 3 Arab nations during the Six-Day war, and various Middle East wars through the years. Israel is God’s signature authenticating the true God who made heaven and earth.
In this book, by God’s grace I will attempt to inform readers how blessed are we who do have the right understanding of who and what God really is from eternity past, present and future. The God as revealed through the passage of time and the most spiritual men in the Bible. The charts and visual guides are mere simplification of deep things of God in prophecies where our readers may see the timing of prophetic events and try to compare their relationship to each other.



I. Eschatology
A. Definition – Eschatology is the branch of Theology that deals with the study of future events (Gk: Eschatos – future, Logos – study)
B. Two types of students of eschatology
1. Eschatomania – a prophetic student who is so engrossed with the study of future events and tends tend to alarm and scare people about the negative side of prophecies (the coming judgment).
2. Eschatophobia – a person who avoids and hates the study of prophecy for fear of the frightening and horrible time to come.
3. Balanced Student – a prophetic student who loves studying Biblical prophecies whose heart wants to share positive and the negative sides of prophecies, God’s love and plan for His people and the future that awaits them before the joys of eternal life.
II. Prophecy and Prophet
A. Prophecy – is a written history in advance or God’s future plan revealed to mankind from eternity past (read Isaiah 46:8-11). The message of Biblical prophets from a living God. When we talk about prophecies today, they are prophetic pronouncements from the Bible that we interpret within context and compare them to what’s happening today. Prophesyings as part of sign gifts will stop when the completion (Gk: Teleios) of scriptures will come, read I Cor. 13:9.
B. Prophet – the chosen, holy man of God who speaks on God’s behalf. A true prophet never commits even a single mistake (Deut. 18:15-22). When we talk about prophets today, they are preachers teaching prophecies within the context of scriptures.
I Cor. 14:32 tells us that the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. Meaning the interpretation of deep things of prophecies are subject to what? Rev. 19:20 will explain it. This is the reason why the students of prophecies or those who lov e prophecies are called by Rev. 1:3 and 22:7, BLESSED.
III. Why Prophecy?
A. II Timothy 2:15 – Rightly dividing the word of truth means studying all parts of scriptures and 30% of the entire Bible is prophetic (30% of OT and 29% of NT). Imagine there are 318 references to the second coming of Christ among the 216 chapters of the NT books, meaning it is mentioned every 25 verses. It was mentioned 329 times which maks it the second most frequently mentioned doctrine in the Bible. So it is just right that we study prophecies.
B. Isaiah 46:8-11 and Daniel 2:28 – God reveals His future plans and events for mankind.
C. Amos 4:12, I John 3:3, and I Cor. 7:29, 30 – We were instructed to prepare and purify for the coming of the Lord.
D. II Thess. 2:3, 7-12 and Eph. 6:11 – Prophecies warn us of future deception.
E. I Thess. 5:1-11, Daniel 8:24, 25 and Daniel 7:23-25 – Spiritual awareness and discernment of what’s happening around us should drive us to know about the signs of the times and the changing of times and laws. Compare verses to Luke 21:28 and I Cor. 2:9-16.
I Thess. 5:20, 21 – Prove all things and despise not prophesying.

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